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The Love Is Love Story

The Love is Love House Rules

Spread the Love   |    Promote Equality    |    Make a Difference    |    Change the World for the Better

Its Inception


We were invited to a friend's wedding so naturally we wanted to give the soon to be newly weds a present to celebrate their love. And off we went shopping. We hopped from one coupley item to the next uttering oooohhh and aaahhh and we should have this. Yup, we wanted the stuff for us. Unfortunately, all the coupley stuff were just his & hers. None represented us (hers & hers - yup we're 2 women who love each other dearly). Oh how we wished someone would start making coupley stuff for gay couples too. And then the idea dawned on us, why not we be the one to actually make coupley stuff for ALL couples. And so, we got to work.


But Love is Love is more than just cute coupley stuff for all couples.


It wasn't only the fact that there aren't any coupley stuff for the LGBTQ couples that bothered us. It is the fact that our society refuses to acknowledge us.


Our love is still frowned upon. "Who we are" is still frowned upon.


We have witnessed discrimination against LGBTQ people and have even been at the receiving end of such discrimination and unfair treatment.


So instead of focusing on coupley stuff, we decided that we should focus more on telling our stories and spreading the message of Love and Equality. Our dream is to create a society that is more accepting amidst our differences. And what a wonderful world that is.


With Your Help This Dream Can Be a REALITY.


Yes, it's difficult to achieve. But it is POSSIBLE.


Now is the best time for You and I to start spreading the message of LOVE, EQUALITY, and ACCEPTANCE.


So let's get Crackin'!

How Fate Brought Us Together

It was an ordinary December evening at a party that I met her. No, it wasn't romantic at all. The world around me didn't stop or get all blurry and all I could see is her in ultra slow motion type of scenario. It wasn't love at first sight. Heck, I didn't even believe in love at that time.


So, it was a normal meeting at a party. Music was loud and pumping and I had a drink in my hand and when a common friend introduced us, I asked her if she wanted a drink. She declined and I went on to dance. Yup. I was that fun-loving, hard-drinking, crazy dancing act that you see at parties. 


I ended up taking care of her that night along with 2 of our common friends since between the 4 of us, I was the relatively sober one, which I thought was a bummer. Before heading home, we decided to grab a bite and she and I ended up sharing a table and I had to patiently listen to her as she blabbered about her boring organized life in her drunken haze. I told her to get a life. Yup, that's me. Ruthless with words.


She started hanging out with us and for a time I was like who the hell is this girl my best friend is always stringing along at parties. It turns out she lives in the same building as my best friend. Mystery solved.


So how did we end up together and still going strong after almost 5 years with an adorable puppy to boot?


Proximity was the key. Or if you're the romantic type you can say that the universe conspired to bring us closer together. I'm going for proximity. I was renting an apartment next to her building and since we live in the same street running into her was expected. And since we are now friends we started hanging out. We shared silly, boring, and fun stories, got drunk, had sleepovers, played cards, ate out, grabbed coffee together and did all those other routine things that friends do.


Then came her confession of liking me more than just a friend. She was in love with me but love was a language I didn't speak. She knew that. And yes, she cried and got worried that things will get weird between us and that I'd run away from her like she has the black plague. I told her she was being overly dramatic and that things won't get weird.


I didn't see any reason for us to not continue being friends and hang out. So we did.

Letting Love Win

I wasn't cut out for a committed relationship or so I thought. I've had relationships in the past but they weren't the serious type. Never have I pictured myself being in love with someone, let alone a woman, not that I have a problem with that. I believe that people should be able to choose whom they want to be with. People like who they like. But when it comes to love and all the fuss surrounding it, I was a cynic. I personally didn't believe in it and I wasn't buying into the notion.


Perhaps you can say that her love kept knocking on my door. Patiently waiting for me to open up and maybe take a peek. Love wormed its way into my brain, softly whispering its existence, getting louder as I forecfully pushed the thought away. Being a hard headed prick that I am, I fought as hard as I could with fangs and claws until I was left exhausted and all I could think of was her and her annoyingly beautiful smile. And so I raised my white flag.


"So this is what they say," I blurted out while we were lying down on her bed. She looked at me, confusion written all over her face. I grabbed her hand and placed it where my heart was and I said "My heart, it goes boom boom boom." She was beaming, all smiles, having understood what I meant and told me I was cute.


- Alla

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